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paket wisata bangkokAs mentioned in our Instagram and Facebook updates, Srinakarin Train Market (Talat Rot Fai) is one of the coolest night markets that we have ever been to in Bangkok (to date). "Talad" means market and "Rot Fai" means train in Thai as it was once an open-air bazaar set beside an abandoned railroad tracks behind JJ market and near Chatuchak area. However, the train market has since moved into a new location (Srinakarin Road) behind Seacon Square since June 2013.

Gone were the days with railroad tracks but Srinakarin Train Market (Talat Rot Fai) is still an area catered for young, Thai hipster hangout. The market offers a chilled out atmosphere with some of the coolest pubs I’ve ever seen as well as a unique shopping experience with vendors selling anything under the sky. It is also the second largest market in Bangkok after Chatuchak Weekend Market. The sheer size of the market is very impressive. We spent about 3 hours here but we covered only half of the area.

The indoor area inside those rows of old warehouses and converted containers consists of mainly pubs, cafes, restaurants, tattoes parlours and vintage sellers. The outdoor area does sell the usual clothings, hats, belts, shoes and accessories apart from antiques and vintage items. Things are a lot cheaper here as it is located in an "off the beaten path" location for tourists. We saw t-shirts as cheap as 20 baths and canvas shoes at 80 baht. I lugged home some wooden boxes and bought a lot of clothings (from 99 baht to 200 baht) and earrings (less than 20 baht a pair).

Getting to Srinakarin Train Market (Talat Rot Fai) is a bit challenging. Fortunately, we were on Maxis Data Roaming so we were able to whatsapp our local friends to ask for help. The dataroam pass is available in 106 countries at RM38/day and it is such a life saver as we got unlimited data while staying in touch with friends and families.

Here’s the detail direction guides for your perusal:

Getting Here:
1) BTS Udon SUk (E12). From exit 5, u-turn to Udon Suk Road, turn left and walk for around 2-3 minutes. You should be able to see song-thaew to Talad Rot Fai. The journey takes about 10-15 minutes and it costs 8 baht per pax. The song-thaew will drop you off at Paradise Park opposite Seacon Square. Or take a cab to Talad Rot Fai from Udon Sok area (60-70 baht).
2) BTS On Nut. We took BTS to On Nut station for its night market and massage street (150 baht per hour). Take song-thaew from Big C Extra. Or from On Nut area, a cab ride to Talad Rot Fai costs 60-70 baht.
3) Taxi Ride (the easiest and fastest way). A cab ride from Chidlom area costs about 140-150 baht, and most taxi will charge a fixed rate of 200 baht to go back. It is easier to mention Seacon Square as most drivers are not familiar with Srinakarin Train Market.

Indoor Market-Tuesday to Sunday, 3pm to 11pm
Ourdoor Market-Friday to Sunday, 4pm to 12am
NOTE: It is best to visit on the Saturdays when the market is most happening. Other days might be quiet/some stalls are not opened.

It is recommended to visit Srinakarin Train Market (Talat Rot Fai) at around 7-8pm when all the actions happen. Food choices are aplenty here. Hail a cab or song-thaew to On Nut BTS exit 1 as you are leaving. There is a massage street and every shops along that street is offering one hour foot massage for 150 baht. Trust me, you will definitely need that after a visit to the huge Srinakarin Train Market (Talat Rot Fai).

paket wisata bangkokIf you have any concerns relating to where by and also tips on how to use Paket Wisata Bangkok, you are able to call us at the web page.